Organic Flower Gardening For Beginners

19Organic flower gardening sounds so healthy, both for ourselves and for the soil. As a beginner, you might wonder where to begin? Should you study up on pH balance? Oh wait, that starts to sound complicated.

Let’s take a quick basic look at organic gardening for beginners. Organic gardening is simply common sense applied to preparing your soil for planting. You want good food to come out of your soil. It makes sense then not to pour poison into your soil or on the plants that are growing out of the soil. Organic gardens use organic fertilizer. This is at the heart of organic gardening.

A half century ago, manure was a spring scent in most rural areas. The fact is that manure mixed with straw provided a perfect food for growing vegetables. The smell was not the greatest. Now you can buy sheep manure in nice manageable bags that fit neatly in the trunk of your car and that blend easily into your vegetable garden. This is a great way to jumpstart your organic gardening.

However, there is an even better way to feed your organic flower garden and that is with compost. You can have your own compost in a couple of weeks and feed your organic garden with your own compost. What could be better and more self-sufficient? The end result is called humus and it can be purchased already made at your local garden center.

Regardless of whether you buy organic manure, humus, or make your own compost, you need to add this to your soil. A rule of thumb is one inch of humus to 4 inches of soil.

After your have planted your seeds in your richly prepared soil, you can wait until the weeds start growing and begin pulling them out in what will soon seem like an endless chore or you can mulch your garden.

One of the best mulch is grass cuttings. Gather up the grass when you mow your lawn (and if the neighbors will let you) gather up theirs too. Cover the soil around and between your garden plants with enough of the grass clippings. This keeps the moisture in and smothers new growth. Or, put another way, this keeps your garden moist and prevents weeds from growing.

As the mulch decomposes, it feeds the flowers and vegetables that are growing. Meanwhile there will be more grass clippings and later in the fall, there will be leaves. Keep adding these items as mulch. Your flower garden will be well-fed and bounteous.

Simple Flower Garden Designs

103If you are looking to do more with your flower garden designs and landscaping then you need to look different options available. Many homeowners truly enjoy garden landscaping as it is both fun and enjoyable. Spending time in your garden planting flowers or just rearranging what you already have can take the stress out your everyday routine.

Many homeowners will choose to go with a leveled garden which will add a whole new dimension to their yard. Instead of just one level use two to four which will add more elegance to your property. Since your yard is what people will notice when they first visit your home this will give you a chance to show off your fabulous flower garden designs. If you have a really beautiful garden think about entering it into a local flower show contest.

You can learn how to build a beautiful leveled garden by yourself with a good online guide. The first question that you need to ask yourself is what types of flowers will you be planting first. When you choose your flowers and other plants this will determine just how your garden will be laid out. A good example of this would be to have your taller plants like trees in back with medium plants and then flowers in front. It is always a good idea to do a few rough sketches first to see where everything will go before you start your project. By doing this you will be able to not only keep things simple but your project be a lot smoother and you will be able to keep within your budget.

If you are starting with a new home and have not yet started your flower garden design then it is a good idea to have a local landscaper come in to help. You will need to know where both gas and water lines are located and they will help you with this. They can also excavate your yard for you to get the best drainage possible.

By using a leveled garden you will be able to get a great effect with your flower design which will add a look of depth and make your garden much more attractive you when have friends and family visit.

Finally, it is a good idea to do as much research as possible. Many people visit their local library and also purchase a good online guide which will help them in deciding what is best for them when building their flower garden.

Flower box for Gardening and Decorating

8Gardening is always a fun thing to do just like decorating. Many are not really fond of gardening because they think that it is messy and dirty. For those who want to add curb appeal to their home using gorgeous plants and landscape but without bending down and getting dirty, the best solution is to have container gardens like flower box or flower window boxes, hanging baskets and planter boxes. These container boxes can be great for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

With flower box and planter box we only need big containers that can accommodate varieties of flowering plants. If we are into herbal and veggie plants, flower window boxes are the most ideal container garden boxes that we need to utilize. The length can surely accommodate different sets of herbal plants. As for the planter box, bonsai trees are the perfect ornamental plant that we can place on it.


Hanging baskets are certainly for decorative plants. But we may try to figure out some plants that can be used for decoration as well as for personal consumption. The use of hanging baskets is the easiest way to prepare and the simplest method of gardening. For decoration, we need to have a plant that doesn’t grow horizontally. It should be the bountiful or bushy type of plant. The more blooms of flower, the better. We may want to use our simple pots and just put some sturdy wire that could hold the plant when it is hung.

Gardening and decorating are simple if we just know what to do with our resources. The process will only need patience, determination and willingness to complete the goal that we want for our home. It is necessary to know what we need and what is suitable for our home. The above discussions are surely the suggestion that is given for those who are on a tight budget. We may want the best for our home and we can definitely have it so long as we have the drive to do so. Come and let’s discuss some more gardening thoughts!

Flower Window Boxes For Limited Gardening Spaces

7Not all of us are fortunate to have a wide space outside our home where we can put our plants and flowers or create a relaxing garden. For those who are living in urban areas or in apartments, you can hardly find a space for gardening. What people usually do is use a planter box where they can put their plants and flowers.

Self Watering Window Box

Another useful tool to use for gardening in a limited space is the window box. Flower window boxes are installed on windows where garden enthusiasts can grow their plants and flowers. The trend nowadays is the use of decorative window boxes which are not only for gardening purposes but for home decorations as well. They have different kinds of designs that are made to fit in any types or colors of windows and any house structures.

Wood is a common material in home decorations but they are not ideal for an outdoor planter box such as the flower box. So the most widely used window boxes today is the PVC window box. They are made of Cellular PVC, a material that can best replicate the appearance of wood but has better properties. Unlike wood, PVC window box does not rot, crack nor twist which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

A lot of designs for flower window boxes can be found in your local hardware store and on the Internet. They are usually made in standard sizes. But if it doesn’t fit on your windows, you can ask for custom window boxes. They will be specifically made according to your preference and to your windows’ requisites.

A limited space is no longer a hindrance in gardening. Flower window boxes are a great way to grow our plants even if we don’t have a back or front yard. Using decorative window boxes can even make our home or apartment windows more beautiful and attractive. Choose a design that will best match with the color and beauty of your flowers to create a stunning home exterior.

Why is Flower Box Better than Bed Garden?

5Conventional gardening is famous everywhere especially in rural areas. People from the country enjoy the fun of gardening by doing it the traditional way. However, conventional gardening has some disadvantages like it will definitely make us get down and dirty or you need to spend at least an hour cultivating, watering and pampering the plants. Additionally, it will be hard to maintain a bed garden if you have a hectic schedule at work. As a solution, gardeners made some changes on this customary way of gardening. Some introduced hanging baskets, designer pots and other plant containers just to make gardening easier requiring less time and maintenance. These innovative tools made urban gardening a thing of the past and also provide options for people who want to raise a garden in their apartment, room or even window sills.

Flower box is the newest gardening trend that busy people enjoy and the best thing about container box is the lesser work that it asks for the person to do. Another advantage of a plant box is that it provides the same function just like the traditional bed garden. It gives great accent to our abode, plant our favorite veggies while giving us the happy feeling when we arrive home from work.

Most people who live in apartments and condominium units are those who make use of flower boxes as their mini garden. Unlike bed gardens, flower box, don’t occupy much of space. It can even be installed on our window ledges. Small sized garden but can really make wonders to our homes.

Speaking of small size, I think that is the only negative aspect of flower boxes. It has limit when it comes to planting something on it. It is also a bit expensive especially the iron made flower containers. We also need to take care of it from time to time to for it to last longer. But better choose a material that does not weather with different climates. We can definitely ask our local flower shop specialist for the best flowerbox materials. It would at least save you from buying a new one when it falters.

As end users, we need to choose the best option for our home to have great satisfaction. Both gardening ideas are huge home decorating contributors to our living space but we need to choose the rightful one that fit our lifestyle. Have a nice selection!