Flower Window Boxes For Limited Gardening Spaces

7Not all of us are fortunate to have a wide space outside our home where we can put our plants and flowers or create a relaxing garden. For those who are living in urban areas or in apartments, you can hardly find a space for gardening. What people usually do is use a planter box where they can put their plants and flowers.

Self Watering Window Box

Another useful tool to use for gardening in a limited space is the window box. Flower window boxes are installed on windows where garden enthusiasts can grow their plants and flowers. The trend nowadays is the use of decorative window boxes which are not only for gardening purposes but for home decorations as well. They have different kinds of designs that are made to fit in any types or colors of windows and any house structures.

Wood is a common material in home decorations but they are not ideal for an outdoor planter box such as the flower box. So the most widely used window boxes today is the PVC window box. They are made of Cellular PVC, a material that can best replicate the appearance of wood but has better properties. Unlike wood, PVC window box does not rot, crack nor twist which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

A lot of designs for flower window boxes can be found in your local hardware store and on the Internet. They are usually made in standard sizes. But if it doesn’t fit on your windows, you can ask for custom window boxes. They will be specifically made according to your preference and to your windows’ requisites.

A limited space is no longer a hindrance in gardening. Flower window boxes are a great way to grow our plants even if we don’t have a back or front yard. Using decorative window boxes can even make our home or apartment windows more beautiful and attractive. Choose a design that will best match with the color and beauty of your flowers to create a stunning home exterior.